Why Estate Agents Should Use Video

Video animations engage attention and attract an audience that a static version would pass by. Video animations in real estate is the next game-changer!

It’s your choice. Be a part of it and join the video revolution, or be apart from it and remain where you are. Worse still, get left behind. (Caution – please don’t!)


Traditional marketing methods are static and require the target audience, ie. vendors and registrants, to proactively search the internet in the hope that they will find what they are looking for. This approach immediately introduces the potential client to an over-crowded and fiercely competitive marketplace. Uncle Tom Cobbly and all are represented on a level playing field on the familiar property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and OnTheMarket. This puts you as the estate agent at a distinct disadvantage.


Which way is the ‘property pendulum’ swinging?

Don’t rely on footfall! In this current pandemic era, footfall can cease at the drop of a politician’s hat, (if the COVID19 rules change), despite the highs and lows, and ebb and flow of the market, that one minute is stagnant through ‘lockdown’ and social isolation, and the other is pandemonium due to the Government’s temporary kickstart button with SDLT deadlines to encourage a frenzy of activity. Almost overnight, the market took off with the advent of the SDLT alarm bell. Then what happens? You run out of stock! Nice problem to have you may think. Wrong. Another agency could be listing more new stock, simply by being smarter. That’s where we come in. Don’t get left behind through complacency. How badly do you want a greater piece of the pie?


The Solution – Proactive Marketing is the best way to optimise the chances of your agency picking up the cream of the crop no matter what the market is doing. There has never been a better time than the present, to utilise the tools that are now available to you, in order to create interest, engage a new audience, and increase your market share.


What is your differentiator? The use of drones for aerial photography? 360 virtual tours? These things are good and have their place, but if no one is looking at them, or not enough eyeballs are locked on to your pages, you will miss out. It is like having a website that no one visits. A proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ is hard to find. If someone does visit your website, does it look fresh and inviting, or dull, jaded, tired and boring? Does it have static pictures of houses, or do you incorporate video animations to jazz up your marketing? Let’s not be complacent. The strong will survive.

If someone asks me what we do, I would say that we help estate agencies sell more houses in less time. Oh and by the way we harness the power of video animations to achieve our goals. How do we achieve that? In a sellers’ market, the houses may sell faster but you run out of stock. Use our video advertising to attract NEW vendors faster, before your competitors do. In a buyers’ market, you will want to attract as many ‘proceedable’ buyers as possible to increase your sales. Using our video advertising with smart social media advertising and placement can be the game-changer that you are looking for. There’s only one way to be a step ahead of the competition and that is to take that step and engage with video animation advertising.

It’s a ‘win-win’ situation and if you think that’s a little passé, you may be part of the ‘whine-whine’ brigade.


Your clients: the vendors and registrants / ‘proceedable’ buyers: generating the sought-after sale.

Finding New Buyers – In conjunction with various social media channels, our video animations will rapidly increase the number of new buyers to your doors.

If you are using social media to good effect already, you can accelerate your success by introducing all manner of video animations to attract the audience that you specifically target. For example, your local area with a radius of 10 miles, to a demographic of age 35-55. If you need help with this, talk to us. By proactively advertising to the right audience, you will increase the number of opportunities that are introduced to your business. If you are slow on the uptake with this, you will find that others wil overtake you in terms of market share. Video animations in real estate is the next game-changer. Take action now and don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity that has not been available before at such affordable prices.


Engage with us to provide video animations that will support your marketing to your clients, the vendors, who are the life-blood of any successful estate agency. In terms of you finding a buyer, their property is the ONLY property of interest to them. They may take comfort from the recent sale around the corner that you completed, but what they really want to know is how long it will take you to sell theirs. Help them to stand out from the crowded market and allow us to be YOUR differentiator! Get results faster, by using our video animations in conjunction with your existing marketing. Our video animations can be used with great effect by proactively sending them out to your email database, in addition to reaching a brand new targeted audience with Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Find new vendors, by being proactive with video animation social media marketing campaigns.


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