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Do you have a significant other in your life right now, for whom buying a birthday or anniversary gift is often challenging, if not, a little tiresome trying to come up with an original idea? Why not consider a custom song written for you and your significant other, recorded especially, and with the subject matter that tells your story in some way, so that it is personal to you? Many songs have been written from a ‘relationship’ angle, and often we connect with the lyrics and the sentiment behind them. Some songs resonate more than others. Imagine for a moment, that key words or places, or situations, are recalled in a song lyric that would be especially meaningful to you both. This is a unique and brand new service that we can provide for you. Please get in touch and let us know your ideas and importantly – plan ahead, because a project like this does require planning, creative time and available recording studio schedule times, etc. If you then want us to create a video to the soundtrack, we can go the extra mile or two and put the finishing touches to your bespoke masterpiece! You could even post this on your favourite social media channels on your special day! You can order this product at our store: Go here now: