An introduction to Bernie Armstrong, the BA in BAM! Yes, you guessed it – the M stands for Marketing. I’ve walked the streets of London, in the sun, the rain and the snow (that was cold calling!) EC1, EC2, EC3, and EC4 from an early age in my sales career starting out with golf-ball typewriters from IBM and Remington and later on the ground-breaking Olivetti electronic typewriters. In those days, we literally had to carry a very heavy (non-portable) typewriter into client’s offices for demo purposes, often discovering that the meeting room was on the top floor (whose idea was that!!!) This was decades before the creation of a PDF, which made light reading, as opposed to heavy carrying (and exhaustion!) Those were halcyon days though, when as a young sales rookie, you could drive around London in your shiny ‘executive’ company car and park pretty much anywhere you wanted for a short period of time, and mostly find a parking meter that wasn’t exorbitent, to boot. This was all before the age of 21.

MUSIC: I then had a break into the music business which set me on a course for the next 7 years, touring all over and playing at any gig that we could get, which included the not so shabby Royal Albert Hall in Kensington, on a number of occasions.

IT: I then returned to the world of non show-business to discover that all of business is show business in some respects. Show and tell. In a nutshell. I worked in the IBM arena for many years selling hardware, software, professional services and support to corporates; many names that are familiar in Blue Chip circles, from Shell to Coca-Cola, from Avon Cosmetics to Prudential, from Kodak to DHL, from Nationwide to Rolls-Royce; not to mention the ‘secret’ organisations that were clients, but then again I’m not to mention that. I subsequently set up shop myself and ran a successful IT consultancy for years before deciding to join forces again with the larger competitors who I had been competing against. This process taught me a lot about being a business owner and how you end up doing everything to launch your brand. It gave me a brand new perspective.

ESTATE AGENCY: It was following this that I was approached by a Regional Sales Manager of one of the largest corporate real estate agencies in the UK, who needed someone like me to join their country homes team. Someone that had not been in estate agency forever, but who had other commercial experience. I jumped at the chance, as I have long had a love for property, especially the higher end. This culminated in me becoming a Branch Manager in Surrey, which was a valuable experience in its own right. I particularly loved to list properties and obtain the asking price (which I had set) for my vendors. It was very satisfying to get the desired result for my clients. Even better to exceed their expectations.

….from Country Homes team…. to Branch Manager in Surrey

More of IT: I spent many years after that, as an IT Sales Consultant working on various IT projects, before deciding to start my own venture once again.

SALES and MARKETING: This time, putting together all of what I have learned about sales and marketing, into helping my clients prosper in whatever business they are doing. I believe that with my vast experience I am in a unique position to help a good number of clients increase their bottom-line profit, through the use of intelligent social media marketing in conjunction with video advertising.

SUMMARISING: If you are in ESTATE AGENCY, you will benefit from my USP that I have sat on your side of the desk (metaphorically speaking), and can empathise with some of the challenges that your business is facing. It is very unlikely that there will be anyone else involved in the social media marketing business that can boast estate agency experience or understanding, let alone empathy. If you are in a music related business that needs my help, we share a common interest, as music has always been and always will be a personal passion of mine. Oh and if I didn’t mention it before, I am a professional dyslexic. Why is that of value to you? Well in plain terms, dyslexics think differently to most. If you are tired of the same old, same old, then perhaps if we are a good fit for each other’s business, you can benefit from what I know. It doesn’t stop there either. Knowing is one thing. Knowledge is power say some. Knowledge is power when the correct action is taken, in my experience. It’s good to talk. Book a FREE consultation today:

“If you’re looking for a ‘rock star’ social media marketing agency, you’ve come to the right place! Get ready to rock”!

Bernie Armstrong Blue Electric
BA Blue Electric at Sunshine Corner


BAM! Social Video is a boutique marketing agency with designs on helping your brand to reach more clients through the use of creative and engaging video advertising in conjunction with our social media marketing expertise. You may already have a Facebook business page, Instagram page, and a You Tube channel. How is that working for you? Or are you working for it? Monetising these apps takes up to the minute know-how and that changes constantly. Working with us you are connected to a Mastermind cooperative, that has the latest information and tricks and tips to navigate these murky ‘social media’ waters. For example, every time that Apple Inc. upgrades its proprietary operating system to a new version of iOS, there are potential negative impacts and changes and even restrictions that have been the case with iOS 14 (remember that???). These constant changes can affect the relevance and performance of your best ads and you will very likely need someone to steer you through them, as you could be losing ads money daily by delaying. Concentrate on your business and we will concentrate on ours by helping and supporting you to engage new clients that are currently outside of your reach. You have nothing to lose by engaging with us and discovering for yourselves how important we can prove to be, as your newest strategic business partner.